Our Commitments




♦ At Stylique, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering the very highest quality of service. Our team and our partners share the same philology and goals, which is to deliver a project that perfectly satisfies our client’s requirements.


♦ Our commitment begins with the quality of the execution of the works, in conformance with building regulations and through the implementation of a project quality plan for every operation.


♦ We design and delivery works in strict compliance with HSE requirements.


♦Consistent delivery across all of our sectors and services is what differentiates our business.


♦We are extremely cost competitive and always make a commitment to undertake and deliver our clients’ projects for a fixed price, whether it be design and build or just the construction delivery stage. Our ability to effectively manage costs stems from our knowledge and experience within the sectors in which we operate and also our trustworthy and value driven supply-chain.



♦ We focus on programme constraints in order to pre-empt any challenges.  Thanks to our operational experience and the know-how and skills of our project managers, we are able to delivery projects on time. Each project is retro planned vis à vis our clients’ requirements.

Right from the creation of our company in 2008, our commitments in terms of quality cost and programme have enabled us to deliver exceptional projects. As a result, our clients have confidence in us and return to us for their future projects.